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Solving today’s enterprise and industry challenges requires big data. The ability to capture data from across your enterprise—whether generated by disparate applications, people, or IoT infrastructure–offers tremendous potential. Infor’s Data Lake tools deliver schema-on-read intelligence, along with a fast, flexible data consumption framework to enable new ways of making key decisions. With leveraged access to your entire Infor ecosystem, you can start capturing and delivering big data to power your next generation analytics and machine learning strategies.

Infor Data Lake at a glance

  • Integrated Infor OS experience
  • Data ingestion with Infor ION & Infor ION API Gateway
  • Intelligent metadata management powered by the Infor Data Catalog
  • Metadata-driven solution architecture
  • Leveraged access to Infor ecosystem
  • Power new & flexible data warehousing strategies
  • API-driven
  • Big data for Birst Analytics
  • Support for any data sources for Infor and third-party applications

Comprehensive data management and consumption strategies with Infor Data Lake

Maximize and accelerate your data’s impact by leveraging both the variety and scale of your enterprise’s information network to drive better decisions, better insights, and faster ROI on your technology investments.

Infinitely scalable and without boundaries, the Infor Data Lake provides a unified repository for capturing any and all of your enterprise data. Grow with the scale of your insights and investments by ingesting more content to make better informed decisions, improve your analytics profiles, and provide increasingly rich data sets to build more powerful machine learning processes.

Preventing your data lake from turning into a “data swamp” starts with intelligent metadata management. The Infor Data Catalog provides a comprehensive and democratic suite of user experiences and services to help you understand the data you’ve captured, how that data may have changed, and gives a centralized security reference layer so your applications and users see exactly what they’re meant to see.

Data lakes depend on strong metadata models to maximize the value of the data—both on its way in and on its way out. Powered by the ION API Gateway, those models are, in turn, used to provide an expansive API suite that enables you to catalog and marshal your enterprise data for data consumers both inside and outside your business.

The Data Lake Metagraph provides a relational layer to begin assembling collections of data objects and datasets based on valuable metadata relationships stored in the Data Catalog. An intuitive graphical modeling experience does the heavy lifting by guiding you to design a virtual network of related information that can be used to drive new and flexible data insight use cases.

Providing a framework and platform for scalable data storage helps drive more impactful analytics and insights for any organization. As data ages, its utility wanes. Policy-based archiving helps manage the utility and cost of your data so that it’s always available for edge-case reporting requirements, business reference, or for compliance frameworks.

Infor Data Lake provides a robust, centralized storage platform to begin building out your organization’s next-generation content analytics strategy. With a richer data store, the breadth of information available for Birst Analytics means turning around sharper KPIs, near real-time dashboards, and operational reporting features that are second-to-none.

Leveraging structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data as a competitive advantage

Stop working for your data and make your data work for your organization

Data Ingestion
Data ingestion

Being part of the Infor OS platform helps realize the benefits of your existing data ingestion and acquisition technologies. This starts with leveraging your loosely-coupled integrations, powered by Infor ION, to begin ingesting all of your ecosystem’s system-to-system transactions. This results in immediately extending your enterprise's integration data across all Infor suites as well as third-party systems. The Infor ION API Gateway expands that acquisition arsenal by providing fully-documented APIs to ingest content streams directly from any application registered in the gateway.

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Metadata intelligence
Metadata intelligence

The Infor Data Catalog ensures there’s always a semantic definition of the content stored in the Data Lake. Schema versioning provides a baseline so that your organization knows and understands exactly what the data looked like the day it was captured—whether it was yesterday or five years ago. New visualization and user experiences help guide and interact with your enterprise metadata so that you’re able to identify the systems and experts associated with your metadata, fields of interest and security, and a suite of APIs to interface directly with the catalog for real-time reporting needs.

Front-and-center security

Governing your data begins with the Data Lake’s integration with Infor Federation Services. Entitle and restrict access to content landed in the Data Lake using authorizations designed at the user, group, and accounting entity levels. Your enterprise data is always secured and encrypted at rest and, when you need it most, content is secured in-transit.

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Data lake as a service

Data lakes are built on strong foundations centered around metadata. We expose that metadata-driven approach to storing and consuming information as a suite of APIs registered in the ION API Gateway so you’re able to search, catalog, and marshal data to help deliver on heterogeneous integration requirements, adhoc reporting and referencing needs, and networking collections of data based on key metadata attributes.

Graph frameworks
Traverse the Data Lake with relational and graph frameworks

Data Lake Metagraphs provide a simple, intuitive designer that guides you in modeling the relationships between your data—regardless of data format and content. Targeted metagraphs help composite collections of data and raw datasets so you can begin deriving intelligence and value from the data you’re already storing.

Trace resolve
Trace, troubleshoot, solve, resolve

Track and trace the lineage of each message that’s entered the Data Lake. Any messages ingested directly via Infor ION are automatically registered as a searchable timeline, logging any process and integration impressions made along the way, before ultimately landing in the Data Lake. The ION API Gateway, likewise, provides a robust lineage service to identify and catalog the sequence of hops and statistics your enterprise data took before finally arriving in the Data Lake.

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Cloud-based technologies for a cloud-based data lake

The Infor Data Lake is built on top of scalable, managed services to land, store, and scale with the growth of your enterprise’s data. Built from the ground up to be delivered on the cloud, our Data Lake provides a robust and secure object store and intelligence platform powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Open source alignment

Infor Data Lake is architected using the latest and most robust open source technologies to power the underlying object store, marshaling technologies, and indexing methodologies to ensure that performance is never sacrificed no matter the data scale, including :

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Elasticsearch
  • Apache Parquet
  • Apache Kafka
  • NoSQL database technologies

Experience a new approach to data capture, powered by Infor OS

Future-proof your enterprise with Infor OS—the foundation for a connected, intelligent network that automates, anticipates, predicts, and informs your stakeholders in everything they do.

  • User-centric operating service
  • Cloud-based delivery
  • Conversational, intuitive UX
  • Automated multi-step execution of complex tasks
  • Networked analytics and business intelligence
  • Open business process integration
  • Secure at the core
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