ERP localization platform in the cloud

Meet global regulatory and statutory requirements

Infor provides a common localization platform for tax calculation, reporting, accounting, and electronic messaging—so your Infor ERP system can work wherever you do.

Your business may operate anywhere in the global marketplace, but branching out can create more risk. Infor monitors for regulatory and statutory changes, proactively providing updates to critical applications. In addition to minimizing your business risk, Infor helps you unleash the power of your Infor CloudSuite™ solutions and capitalize on new opportunities.

Infor at a glance

  • Improve compliance, lower business risk
  • Increase ability to leverage one ERP system globally for a greater ROI
  • Get proactive updates to localizations
  • Deploy in the cloud

Unique capabilities

Infor is the first solution to deliver loosely coupled ERP localization solutions based on proactively researched regulatory, statutory, and cultural requirements.

Faster upgrades
Faster upgrades

Because Infor localizations are loosely coupled, you can upgrade your localizations independently of an ERP system upgrade—meaning you’ll be able to upgrade more frequently, more quickly, and at a lower cost, minimizing disruptions to application providers, partners, and customers.

Increased compliance
Increased compliance

Accelerated release cycles and more frequent upgrades increase regulatory and statutory compliance, not only lowering your business risk, but also improving cultural acceptance of your ERP system.

Lower TCO
Lower TCO

Adoption of Infor allows you to more easily leverage the same Infor ERP system globally; you can use that ERP system’s language translation offerings to avoid the high costs of owning and maintaining separate systems for each country.

Localizations present a costly problem, and the software industry, historically, has left much of this difficult task to customers and partners. Infor is changing that by delivering ERP localizations as a cloud service.

Charles Phillips Infor CEO,

Highlights and core functionality

Assimilated tax engine

Infor's tax engine captures the local tax structures, rates, and rules called on by business applications that perform calculations. The engine can monitor rule changes it has defined and make adjustments without any disruption in compliance.

Rule-based accounting journal entries

Infor Global Financial Controller, an extension of the application’s General Ledger system, is a rules-based accounting journal entry system. These rules are executed based upon receipt of a BOD. The corresponding journal entry is created and forwarded to the General Ledger.
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Standardized reporting

Infor applications use Infor ION’s standards-based Business Object Documents (BODs) to publish XML, the language of the Internet. Every event or transaction processed via Infor ION produces an XML document that is stored in the Infor ION Business Vault, a reservoir for transaction data from multiple business systems. Infor uses the Infor ION Business Vault data to design and deploy industry-standard reports that are product-agnostic.

Electronic bank and government messaging

The Infor framework includes a message adaptor that Infor uses to map electronic documents that conform to local standards. This adaptor maintains a connection to the framework, allowing messages that have been mapped once to be used within multiple applications.

Centralize corporate accounts

Consolidate data and standardize processes with Infor Global Financial Controller.

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