Infor Strategy

Infor Strategy

Your foundation for transformation and progress

Infor Strategy

The foundation of Infor's strategy is our deep commitment to industry specialization. Powered by the cloud, Infor's complete industry suites incorporate network, analytics, and A.I. capabilities to make connections across the enterprise and beyond, providing the visibility, insights, and information companies need to perform and serve customers better in dynamic, highly competitive markets.

Infor Strategy

Deep industry capabilities, complete software suites

At Infor, we understand that one size fits all software doesn't deliver the capabilities your business requires. Infor software provides deep industry functionality without complex and expensive customizations. Industry best practices based on decades of experience and thousands of implementations are built in, along with pre-packaged workflows, content, integrations, and analytics. The result is that deployments are simpler and faster, users are more productive, and your business is more efficient from stem to stern.


Forever modern and infinitely scalable

Infor CloudSuites offer highly secure, redundant availability zones via global cloud leader Amazon Web Services. Best practices for provisioning, self-service, monitoring, scalability, and business continuity are built in, while elastic computing power, hyper-scale, and unlimited data lake provide the flexibility you need to manage change and pursue new opportunities. With automatic upgrades that ensure your technology is always up to date and a lower total cost of ownership, these solutions provide a long-term platform for growth.


Visibility throughout your global supply chain

Businesses today compete on the strength of their business networks. With 80% of relevant data now residing outside the typical company's four walls, visibility is both a challenge and an imperative. That's why Infor runs the world's largest cloud commerce platform, connecting 50,000 trading partners and supporting $1 trillion in annual trade. Providing real-time visibility of orders and inventory in transit or at rest for global omni-channel fulfillment, the Infor commerce network gives customers the ability to effectively and consistently meet demanding customers’ expectations.


Actionable information delivered in real-time

Businesses have access to more information than ever before, but making it actionable is a challenge. Infor helps you turn information into action with a common analytics platform and data lake for Infor and third-party applications, including automated data refinement and common semantics. Self-service analytics for end users is delivered via consumer-grade visualization, data blending, and data discovery tools, while pre-packaged industry and role-based content increases productivity and adherence to best-practice standards. Data surfaced automatically to users also supports immediate and proactive decision making across the enterprise.


Artificial intelligence that maximizes human potential

Infor is using the power of artificial intelligence to re-imagine what the experience of using business software can be. Beyond simply augmenting or automating your day-to-day work, Infor’s A.I., known as Coleman, serves as a science-driven, industry-aware, intelligent assistant that anticipates, advises, and derives insights from business data. By providing instant access to information via voice or chat and relieving workers of repetitive tasks, Infor Coleman acts as a true business advisor and helps stakeholders make the best, most informed decisions every time.