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EAM Implementation Pathway – “It’s not a race, it’s a journey”

maj 19, 2020

The Road to Reliability
How do we get started? When using your Infor EAM system, with sound effective processes it will start to gain data, that data becomes information that can then be used at a macro to micro level to start shining the light where we are less reliable. Work order information and time booked to work order lead to uncovering some important information about your assets, how they perform and how reliable they are. Parts and service information on work orders can lead to identifying spend behaviors that can help prevent budget overruns and ensure that the parts and services are available when you need them. Here are some preliminary key performance indicators that can help in becoming a little more reliable.

  • Understand how much time you spend reacting vs. prediction and or prevention
  • Overall and by the value streams
  • Understand MTBF
  • Understand the top 10 or 15 Poor Performers or Bad actors
  • The assets that you spend more of the time reacting to
  • Understand Parts & Services Spend
  • Gain a handle on how much is reactive and how much is preventative.

Counting on Infor EAM
Organizations like yours across the globe use Infor® EAM to ensure that their assets are performing according to their intended functions, without failure for specified periods, and under stated conditions. You can use Infor EAM to optimize the reliability of your assets to achieve the following:

  • Reduce operational, financial, and regulatory risks—High equipment reliability means improved safety for employees, customers, and the community, and improved financial health for an organization and its ability to meet regulatory requirements.
  • Boost customer satisfaction—Reliable assets improve the costs, delivery, and quality of customer products, with many customers demanding effective equipment reliability programs.
  • Minimize costs—Assets that fail to perform translate to higher repair or replacement costs, resulting in lower profits, higher customer costs, and negative attention in the market.
  • Maximize revenues—High-performing assets produce goods or services that meet market demands, improving revenues, profits, and competitiveness in the market.
  • Increase employee satisfaction—Organizations that are committed to the success of products or services create higher job satisfaction among their employees.

See Immediate Return!
With Infor EAM, you can maintain your assets in best-practice ways that ensure they will function as intended during specified periods without failing. You’ll see maximum operational efficiency, minimal risks and costs, and increased customer satisfaction. Infor EAM helps you realize:

Reduce production downtime via systematic, proven processes.Increase asset availability, capacity, quality, and energy efficiency.Boost production capacity.Identify reliability issues quickly and easily, reducing maintenance labor costs and improving productivity.Maximize overall equipment effectiveness at least cost.Leverage reliability data from MTBF prediction tools, Laplace time series analysis, and Weibull reliability probability analysis, as well as the reliability ranking index and decision tree.Proactively monitor energy use, the largest indirect O&M expense—typically 60%—and reduce energy costs.• Minimize inventory and maintenance storeroom costs, as well as material costs.Avoid unsafe conditions.
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