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Infor Inspire Online: Business agility is more important than ever

april 21, 2020

We’ve seen the value of agility first-hand in the last few weeks as companies worldwide have been forced to face COVID-related challenges. No matter your company’s size, industry, or location, you’ve likely made a series of adjustments, some small, some monumental. From asking employees to work from home to shifting supply chain partnerships, many companies have made process changes, not for improvement—but out of necessity. This is agility in action.

And it’s just the beginning. Enterprises will see unprecedented waves of digital innovation in the future, most experts agree. Infor Inspire Online, an online conference, offers educational content that will help customers embrace innovations and take advantage of unfolding opportunities. Business agility will mean anticipating what the market wants and proactively preparing.

New format, same value

The format of Infor Inspire is another example of agility. When authorities called for social distancing and nonessential travel was restricted, Infor quickly modified its conference plans, turning to virtual resources for sharing keynotes remotely and offering a series of break-out sessions on-demand.

“A virtual conference may not have the face-to-face intimacy of traditional conferences, but it still offers a chance to share valuable information in a consumable format. Attendees receive the same meaningful insights and advice, but in a format that accommodates our current state of reality—and is highly efficient and flexible,” says Betsy Walker, Infor VP of Global Events. “As companies will need greater agility to power-up for post COVID-19 recovery, technology will be very important. The information we share through Inspire Online will help them hit the ground running—moving quickly to ramp up modern solutions to meet new demands and constraints,” she added.

From the CEO

Infor CEO Kevin Samuelson echoed the same sentiment as he kicked off Inspire Online by thanking customers for joining. “It means a lot to us to have you spend a few hours with us learning about our products and our company and—hopefully—how we can help you.”

He went on to reiterate Infor’s commitment to customers and services during these difficult times, sharing that several go-lives have happened as planned. “We know you have faced extraordinary stresses and strains. We’re here to support you,” he said.

“This is an incredible time for Infor,” he said as he went on to discuss Infor’s firm standing, due, in part, because of the recent Koch Industries investment in Infor. He also shared that Infor has:

  • 68,000 customers
  • 13,500 cloud customers
  • 2100+ partners
  • 147 offices in 44 countries

Kevin wrapped up his presentation by stressing the importance of Infor’s industry-focus. This has allowed us to provide meaningful functionality and drive value. It’s also helped facilitate cloud deployment. With built-in industry specific functionality, customers find it easier to migrate to the cloud.

The value of cloud

Our industry-focus has been a key strategy, one we have followed for 20 years. “It ultimately differentiates us and drives value into your business,” says Kevin.

He adds that, unlike some companies, our aim is not to be disruptive. “We are not here to spend huge capital to disrupt industries. Our view is that our technology should help you compete, should help you be more dynamic,” he adds. “We are not here to offer technology. We are here to offer tools to help your company be more effective in your specific industry.” He went on to explain the benefits: more agility, more productivity, more ability to harness the power of data and drive insights from data.

“In order to do that, the first and more critical step is moving your technology to the cloud,” Kevin added.

Learn more

You can still register to participate in Infor Inspire Online. Keynotes and break-out sessions will be available for a limited time on-demand.

For some companies the on-demand format may fit their schedules well, giving customers the chance to view breakouts when it is convenient for them, added Betsy.

“Of course, we miss the in-person interaction with customers,” said Betsy. “We look forward to returning to a time when we can connect with each other in person. Until then, we’ll make the most of technology and continue to build relationships virtually.”

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