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Infor Hospitality Price Optimizer

An AI-driven solution that sets optimal room prices to increase revenues and profitability

Smart and dynamic hotel room pricing

Infor® Hospitality Price Optimizer (HPO) is the 21st century hotelier’s smart, AI-driven helper that removes the uncertainty around setting competitive and profitable pricing. The solution automates pricing multiple times a day, helping hotel organizations increase revenue and profits. Infor HPO dynamically sets optimized room pricing and automatically publishes the most accurate and competitive rate to all relevant distribution channels at the same time. Infor HPO also includes an innovative pricing simulator that allows teams to test pricing scenarios. This all adds up to a simple, intelligent way to set hotel pricing that’s smart, precise, and efficient.


  • Coleman™ AI integration enabling real-time automated price setting
  • Intuitive design for users of all skill levels
  • Integrates with a wide range of PMS/CRS/Channel Managers/Rate Shopper solutions
  • Quick implementation and out-of-the-box value
  • Pricing insights available on the go via mobile devices

Emphasis on precision and profitability

Using property management system (PMS) and market data to automatically manage intraday price setting can enhance a hotel’s competitive edge and improve the bottom line.


average revenue increase


calculations per day to ensure optimal prices and channels


second delay for rate adjustment calculations

Infor Hospitality Price Optimizer automates pricing intelligently and dynamically. All the while, teams can concentrate on the best possible guest experience. In this, Infor HPO helps organizations strike an essential balance: the right price matched with the highest quality products and services.

Paprika Le Bourgeois
Director, Product Design, Revenue Strategy Solutions, Infor

Set optimal hotel room pricing across all channels simultaneously

Hospitality Price Optimizer automatically sets prices based on essential criteria like PMS data, star ratings, competitor pricing, and more. The solution takes the guesswork out of price setting and enables hotels to maximize revenues and profits.

A next-generation hotel price setting solution

  • No uncertainty about pricing—always right price, right time, right channel
  • Lets managers retain control via flexible simulation features to test pricing scenarios
  • “Always on” to ensure optimal pricing around the clock

A quick and efficient start to a better pricing strategy

  • Fast implementation that integrates with a wide range of systems
  • Attractive UI design to help deliver the best possible user experience
  • Exemplary 24/7 support by experts who understand the hospitality industry

A smart and precise AI-driven solution

  • Dynamic pricing solution that learns as it goes, not defined by static rules
  • Appropriate channel decisions based on cost and demand
  • Automated helper that removes the uncertainty surrounding profitable pricing

Consider Hospitality Price Optimizer if you are a current hotel customer of:

  • Infor HMS
  • Infor CloudSuite™ Financials
  • SunSystems®
  • Infor Sales & Catering
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