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Upgrade your browser

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This site incorporates the latest technologies to make your user experience faster and easier. To improve the quality of your visit, please take a minute to upgrade to one of the free, up-to-date browsers available below before returning to Infor.com.

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Why should I upgrade my browser?

Older browsers, including Internet Explorer 7 and IE8, have limitations that result in security issues, slower page-load times, and lack of support for many common plug-ins. Here are some more detailed reasons why you should upgrade to a modern browser:

It’s safer

The instability of many older browsers makes them especially vulnerable to viruses, malware, and general security issues. Modern browsers not only do a much better job of protecting your privacy and your data—they’re also far less likely to crash or freeze.

It’s faster

When you open a new Web page, your browser has to load several different files, such as programming scripts or images. Old browsers are unable to perform these tasks with adequate speed and subsequently deliver a much slower user experience. Modern browsers will also automatically update to the latest version, or notify you to update.

It lets you do more

The display capabilities of older browsers are unable to support many new Web technologies, such as HTML5, that serve as a foundation for many new websites and apps. Modern browsers offer full support for these technologies, as well as the ability to add extensions and plug-ins that improve Web browsing.