Recommended reading for the digital enterprise

Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning challenges and opportunities

Does the rise of artificial intelligence threaten worker's jobs—or herald a day for work to be performed better and seen as more meaningful? Learn to evaluate A.I. bots and applications, and read how data science and machine learning projects are helping to transform analytics and processes across industries and beyond.

Commerce Network

It’s time to reimagine supply chains

How skillfully a company uses its supply chain matters more than ever. Speed-to-market, service levels, delivery times, and customer service are now the very factors by which companies compete. Discover how commerce networks help today's supply chains enable new levels of agility and responsiveness.


Keeping up with changes in security and regulations

Compliance in any industry can be overwhelming. To feel confident, you need a system to manage not just your resources and processes but also your suppliers. Learn how organizations are using modern technology to address the challenges of complying with business and government regulations.

Digital transformation

Delivering value in a new age

Digital technologies are accelerating the pace of business change. For each innovation that emerges, new disruptions follow. It's time to think about networked intelligence not as revolution—but evolution. Read how your organization can complete the transformation loop and enable sustainable success.


Localize to globalize

Not every country does business the same way. Learn how linking your global operations together with one single, industry-tailored enterprise application suite can help you avoid many of the statutory, regulatory, and cultural pitfalls that can slow down multinational growth.


Actionable insights, democratized data, and you

Business intelligence helps decision makers understand and improve their business. Yet it can be hard to make the case for investing in analytics solutions. Learn what networked analytics can do for you, what capabilities to look for when evaluating BI and analytics solutions, and more.

Internet of Things

IoT and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The Internet of Things is a key driver of innovation in the digital economy. Learn how the connectivity enabled by the IoT and IIoT disrupts not only specific business areas but also entire industriesand discover how successful organizations are using the technology to become more strategic and efficient.

Designing Tomorrow

The technologies and ideas that are shaping our future

How will business get done in the future? Jobs here today may not exist tomorrow, while new careers emerge. Technologies indispensable now will become relics of the past, as new innovations change what we consider work to be. Get views, predictions, and action items from industry experts—including the BBC, IDC, Infor, and others—on the technologies and ideas that are designing tomorrow.

The New Digital Workforce

The future of workforce and human capital management

Enabled by new digital tools, today's workforce and human capital management functions are able to tap into a greater wealth of talent management data than ever before. Learn how to take advantage of new recruiting and engagement technology, and discover how digital managers can coexist with A.I. to balance technical and social skills.