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GDPR: Putting top priority on data security

Data privacy has become a high-stakes proposition as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect in the European Union. Consult our GDPR FAQs to get answers to questions you might have regarding the rights of data subjects under the new regulation, as well as the obligations and responsibilities borne by those who control data—and those who process it.




Explore the resources below, selected with a focus on helping you address the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation.


GDPR: “Data protection by design and by default” in practice

With GDPR implementation approaching in the EU, Infor's Global Privacy Officer writes on the steps that are being taken to enhance the data protection capabilities of Infor products.

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Cloud security and your enterprise

Discover how staying compliant with security standardsand keeping up with the latest recommendations in those standardscan reduce your risk of a disruptive cyberattack.

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GDPR Portal

Visit the official European Union GDPR website, a resource created to educate the public on the most important change in data privacy regulation in 20 years.

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Ready, set, GDPR

While GDPR has implications for just about every department of a large enterprise software company, the day-to-day concerns and logistics of compliance naturally lie with marketing. Learn what Infor Marketing is doing to prepare for the new regulation.

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Infor CloudSuite and Amazon Web Services

Read about Infor's partenership with Amazon Web Services, and discover how the global cloud hosting leader's singular expertise and highly secure infrastructure provide unparalleled protection and reliability across Infor CloudSuite™ comprehensive industry suites.

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Why ethical conduct is good for business

Why should you care about compliance and ethics? It's not only the right thing to do but also, as Infor's Chief Compliance & Ethics Officer explains, ethical conduct helps your brand, your operations-and ultimately, your bottom line.

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The role of Business Innovation in GDPR compliance

The senior director of Infor's enterprise information technology team, Business Innovation, writes about the group's activities in planning and supporting the technical requirements of the GDPR globally for Infor.

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Simplify compliance—in the cloud

Keeping up with continuous changes in software, security, and regulations is typically complex, manual, and expensive. With Infor CloudSuite™, security and compliance updates can be pushed out automatically to the entire organization as soon as they’re available. Explore our array of cloud-based, comprehensive industry suites to learn more.


GDPR is in effect May 2018—are you ready?

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Tomorrow's governments prepare for FedRAMP Readiness

Before moving to the cloud, organizations need to consider a wide array of migration and security concerns. FedRAMP is a government-wide set of standards to help ensure that agencies are ready for digitization. See how organizations are preparing for FedRAMP Readiness.

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