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Localize to globalize

Not every country does business the same way. With the right enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, you can manage your operations across multiple locations—and provide localized support for every country where you do business. But that's not all. Explore the resources below to learn how you can avoid many of these pitfalls that can slow down multinational growth.


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Going global—get up and running quickly no matter where you need to go

As your business increases its global reach, you can't afford to let technology dictate the way you manage your finance department. Read our white paper to see how the right financial system can make it possible to more quickly and easily comply with regulatory issues, use data analytics to guide your strategy, and reduce the complexity in finding and retaining the right talent in new markets.

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Read our brochure to learn how you can gain better control of your international operations by using an ERP localization platform for tax calculation, reporting, accounting, and electronic messaging.

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Borderless manufacturing: Achieving growth through globalization

Manufacturers seeking growth opportunities are increasingly turning to globalization. This eBook examines the global marketplace today, import/export trends, and the ways technology helps manufacturers step up to the challenge of globalization.

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Nationalism vs. globalization and the role of technology

Learn how US manufacturers are addressing issues emerging from the call to keep facilities in the US in order to expand employment opportunities for the American workforce.

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Nationalism vs. globalization: Software supports agile response to changing manufacturing landscape

Part two of this article explores the ways technology can help manufacturers cope with changing demands, forecast personnel needs, recruit right-skilled workers, and respond with agility to volatile global politics.

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Business without borders

Meet various regulatory, statutory, and cultural requirements of the countries where you do business—with Infor

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