Aberdeen: Infor UX Design So Right,
It Defies DescriptionPosted on - 01:26 PM on Thu, Mar 21, 2013

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Aberdeen: Infor UX Design So Right, <br>It Defies Description

After an in-depth demo, the Aberdeen Group says Infor has delivered "a brilliantly conceived user experience design."

Andrew Borg, Aberdeen's research director of enterprise mobility and collaboration, took part in the recent Innovation Summit for analysts at Infor's New York headquarters. In a Feb. 27 blog post titled "'Consumerization' Vs. Sensory User Experience Design," he reflects on Infor's transformation, and muses on the difficulty of finding apt descriptors for Infor's cutting-edge UX design. He writes:

"Infor's re-launch goes much deeper than a cosmetic makeover. … To accompany the completely new, 'bottoms-up, inside-out' redesign of its core technology architecture, Infor has invested in differentiation of its software suites, website designs, and mobile apps through cutting-edge User Experience Design (UXD). They assembled a top-notch in-house creative agency, Hook & Loop, which developed a sophisticated and coherent design language used across all Infor market-facing products, services, and communications. …

"As well-executed and beautifully rendered as their user-interface strategy is, I was surprised when on more than one occasion Infor executives described their Graphical User Interface (GUI) aesthetic as 'consumerized.' …

"We need a better term of art (ToA) than consumerization to describe the design of elegant, intuitive, simplified human/machine interfaces. In the first place, we're talking about solutions designed for businesses as well as consumers. There is also something elemental, essentially inherent to human perception itself that, despite the confusion regarding the term, we intuitively understand what is intended. Most of us can readily recognize good interface design in examples like the Apple iPad, or more recently, the Nest Labs NEST thermostat.

"The term 'consumerized' is particularly inept at describing the exemplary execution of a brilliantly conceived user experience design such as that which Infor has delivered."

Aberdeen Blog 'Consumerization' Vs. Sensory User Experience Design, Andrew Borg, Feb. 27, 2013.

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