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Analysts & Media on Track <br>with Infor Ming.le<sup><font size=1>TM</font></sup>

Infor Ming.leTM—a comprehensive platform for social collaboration, business process improvement and contextual analytics that officially launched at Inforum 2013—-has been stirring excitement among analysts and media.

Here's what they're saying:

Enterprise Applications Consulting - Infor's Challenges: Is the glass half-full or half-empty?

Infor Ming.leTM 'has a basic design criteria that is near and dear to my heart - the promise of injecting business context into social collaboration, and vice versa. Ming.leTM demos this capability better than most social collaboration tools that aspire to be business process aware, and it definitely promises to make social collaboration an intuitive part of most standard business processes.'

TEC Blog - Infor Gets Social

'Through Infor Ming.leTM, employees with diverse roles should be able to promptly solve a critical business issue despite not knowing each other.'

eWeek - Infor to Launch Cross-Platform Social Workflow Product, Mingle, in April

'MingleTM, which uses Infor's ION data engine, is able to connect information silos and transcend all the conventional connectors that have to be built within enterprise systems by turning queries into XML calls. … And it all is as easy to use as Facebook."

CIMdata - Inforum 2013 commentary

'Ming.leTM is a new user interface, which provides a rich user experience for all Infor solutions by combining modern social paradigms and effective integration within business processes.'

Aberdeen Group - Inforum 2013 Wrap Up

'I was somewhat taken aback with how well the customers I spoke with understood the utility of Ming.leTM.'

'An Infor customer that manufacturers display products for aerospace and defense … told me that this functionality is crucial in capturing and monitoring product details in one-off projects that might ordinarily fall through the cracks. … This customer also noted how this type of collaboration is something that the organization will need to attract younger employees because the majority of its workforce is nearing retirement age.'

Mint Jutras - Building Momentum, Going Faster

'Designed primarily with the Gen-Y folks in mind, (Infor Ming.leTM) uses a lot of the concepts and approaches popularized by social media. But by describing it more in the context of triggering alerts and helping those receiving the alerts come to a resolution quickly, it makes it much more "real" even for baby boomers who might not intuitively see how those types of tools can save them time and effort.'

IT Jungle - Infor Exudes Total Confidence at Annual User Confab

Infor CEO Charles Phillips 'is convinced this social-enabled workflow describes how business will be conducted in the future. In particular, social media's capability to expand discovery is crucial.'

Ventana Research - Infor Demonstrates Steady Stream of Advances to Customers

'Enhanced business collaboration for every part of the organization increasingly is a key requirement for software, and Infor is at work here also. Its Ming.leTM social collaboration software provides the means to connect groups of people within a workforce to achieve faster communication and more effective interaction.'

Government Technology - Asset Management Meets Social Media

Profiles: 'the Des Moines, Iowa, Metropolitan Wastewater Reclamation Authority, which this year launched Infor Ming.leTM -- an online social collaboration tool that Bill Miller, the authority's risk and reliability manager, said will eventually connect nearly 100 of the agency's employees to one another.

'The authority … has faced challenges when its employees need to communicate and track the various updates on the assets it oversees. … Since the new platform streamlines communication across the authority's multiple - and previously siloed - divisions, Miller said communication among these different groups has improved. The platform centralizes information that must be readily available to all authority employees, and much like Facebook, users can access a "news feed" to see work-related updates other employees are posting.'

'Miller said, "I have a goal of absolutely eliminating 50 percent of the meetings I have to go to all the time." '

Watch Infor Ming.leTM video on YouTube.

Read the news release.

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