Analysts Positive About News from InforumPosted at - 10:40 AM on Tue, May 07, 2013

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Analysts Positive About <br>Inforum News

Industry analysts are reacting positively to Infor's product news and intent-to-acquire TDCI announcements from Inforum 2013.

Here's a sampling:

Nucleus Research - Infor Sky Vault will Transform Big Data to Little Data

'Infor announced plans to offer Infor Sky Vault in the second half of 2013, which combines Infor ION, a microvertical focus, and dashboards for industry-standard analytics in the cloud. Nucleus believes this product allows Infor the opportunity to sidestep SAP and Oracle by providing all-important little data through the cloud cheaper, faster, and more easily to sales, finance, and operational personnel. … Rather than simply supporting Big Data, Infor is actually providing little data: the correct information in the right context for one person to make a decision at the right time.'

            - Nucleus Research, "Infor Sky Vault Will Transform Big Data To Little Data," 
            April 2013

Mint Jutras - Building Momentum, Going Faster

'Ming.le is Infor's new platform for enterprise collaboration, which it describes with minimal use of the word "social." I find that refreshing. Designed primarily with the Gen-Y folks in mind, it uses a lot of the concepts and approaches popularized by social media. But by describing it more in the context of triggering alerts and helping those receiving the alerts come to a resolution quickly, it makes it much more "real" even for baby boomers who might not intuitively see how those types of tools can save them time and effort.'

            -  Mint Jutras, "Infor's Inforum 2013: Building Momentum, Going Faster," 
            Cindy Jutras, April 24, 2013

Aberdeen Group - Inforum 2013 Wrap Up

'There was much excitement at Inforum 2013.  And while I already understand the importance of a microvertical strategy, I am even more excited to see how Infor's customers are able to improve their collaboration capabilities with Ming.le.'

            - Aberdeen, "Inforum 2013 Wrap Up," Nick Castellina, April 26, 3013

Ventana Research - Infor Demonstrates Steady Stream of Advances to Customers

'I've been describing Infor as "the largest software company you never heard of," but I expect that won't be true much longer.' 

            - Ventana Research, "Infor Demonstrates Steady Stream of Advances 
            to Customers", Rob Kugel, April 26, 2013

Enterprise Applications Consulting - Infor's Challenges: Is the glass half-full or half-empty?

ARC Advisory Group - Infor Makes Product Announcements at Inforum 2013

ARC Advisory Group - Infor Announces Intent to Acquire TDCI, Inc.

Technology Evaluation Centers - Infor Decides on TDCI CPQ

Technology Evaluation Centers - Infor Gets Social

Technology Evaluation Centers - Infor Introduces Learning Management

Technology Evaluation Centers - Infor Unveils the Infor 10x Umbrella Release

CIMdata - Inforum 2013 Commentary

CIMdata - Infor Announces Intent to Acquire TDCI, Inc.

CIMdata - Infor Unveils Next-Gen Enterprise Collaboration Platform, Infor Ming.le

CIMdata - Infor Announces Cloud Initiative using Amazon Web Services to Tackle Big Data with Amazon Redshift

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