SC Magazine Names Infor Approva
An Innovator in Security InfrastructurePosted on - 12:09 PM on Fri, Jan 11, 2013

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SC Magazine: Infor Approva Is<br>Innovator in ERP Security

SC Magazine has named Infor Approva an innovator in security infrastructure for 2012.

"It takes a lot of creativity to make a system that monitors a large ERP system," Peter Stephenson writes in a review article posted Dec. 3 on "… Infor has been building ERP systems for a long time. All of that experience and expertise has gone into the Approva Certification Manager.

"The Approva tool does just one thing: It looks for violations of policy within an ERP system. By identifying and mitigating these violations, one also mitigates risk."

Stephenson identified two key differentiators  for Approva Certification Manager: It is ERP-system agnostic, and it has a powerful rules engine.

The solution "performs continuous monitoring focusing on data and data flows as it looks for policy violations. Once the violation is spotted, it is reported in a manner that supports mitigation action. The workflow is automated and a detailed audit trail is created recording the total process for future audits. This also results in a closed-loop, problem-reporting process that allows auditors and administrators to see exactly what was done to correct the violation."

"… It would have been easy to create a system that monitored only the Infor system, but to support virtually any ERP product available and give the capability of supporting ones that have not yet been thought about is truly innovative."

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