Bigger Isn’t Better in BoisePosted on - 10:41 AM on Thu, Jan 31, 2013

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Bigger Isn’t Better in Boise

The city of Boise, Idaho, needed a new ERP solution, but not a colossal system with myriad features it didn't need and a price tag to match. Instead, Boise chose Infor Public Sector, with all the performance the city needs, and nothing more.

"Why would you get more than what you need?" asks Garry Beaty, Boise's chief information officer. "By choosing a less expensive and less complex system, we decided that we could save $10 million over a 15-year period."

Boise is the capital of Idaho, but it's not a big city. So its administrative and organizational structure is significantly different than those of larger cities. Unfortunately, the city's old enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution was designed for a much bigger organization, and the results were predictably disappointing. Its features were not well integrated, and functionality suffered. The financial requirements were especially onerous. And the system's complexity and difficult functionality continually frustrated Boise's workforce.

"If you were a casual user, it was a complex system to use," Beaty says. "I'm not sure a city of 200,000 needed a solution that expensive or complex. We were looking for something that was simpler."

Beaty and other Boise officials decided the city's ERP architecture needed a complete overhaul. After a thorough vendor search, Boise selected Infor Public Sector. The city contracted with Ciber to deploy the Infor Enwisen Human Resource Management, Infor Lawson Enterprise Financial Management and Infor Supply Chain Management software suites.

"We like the product we saw from Infor—and we looked at several," says Beaty.

Infor also passed the all-important "people" test. "We felt that it was a people-oriented company," Beaty says. "It's turned out to be a good relationship."

The success Boise had with implementing Infor Public Sector is well within reach for other municipalities.

Read the Boise case study featured in the February issues of Governing and Government Technology magazines.

Read the news release.

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