Buncombe County Rates Upgrade a 10Posted at - 11:00 AM on Thu, May 02, 2013

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Buncombe County Rates<br> Upgrade a 10

Buncombe County's upgrade to Infor Lawson Enterprise Management system version 10 has automated financial processes and improved reporting.

A customer since 2000, Buncombe County in North Carolina has worked with Infor on several beta products and releases, and has been repeatedly impressed by the team's responsiveness.

When Infor was looking for beta customers to upgrade version 10 of the Infor Lawson applications, Buncombe County volunteered to participate once again.

"Infor Lawson Financials is used by every department and employee in our organization, and will allow us to automate and streamline multiple functions so we can support other more critical tasks," said Sherri Banks, systems analyst, Buncombe County. "Now we have tools and functionality that will allow our staff to increase productivity, share information more effectively, make decisions faster, and provide an enhanced level of service to our employees and constituents."

Here are some of the benefits Buncombe County has with version 10: 

  • Reduced need to modify standard reports — As part of the upgrade, Buncombe County is deploying Infor Smart Reports, which will reduce the need to modify and create additional reports by transforming standard reports so they are more accessible, usable and flexible.
  • More streamlined workflow and approval processes — Buncombe County is leveraging Infor Process Automation to create workflows that will streamline functions within finance, human resources and IT.
  • Greater flexibility to configure applications — The county plans to use the Infor Landmark Configuration Console to tailor its Infor applications to its specific needs.
  • Increased staff productivity — With Infor Smart Office,  Buncombe County anticipates that staff will be more productive due to the availability of content, tools, and information needed to help users work in a more effective and dynamic manner.
  • Improved upgrade — Infor's Skip Upgrade applications made for a smoother upgrade at Buncombe County. Through faster and more automated upgrade processes, IT can provide enhanced service and focus on expanding capabilities like planning for new mobile applications in the near future.

"Organizations often face conflicting pressures to reduce costs while providing increased service," said Darci Snyder, VP Product Management, Infor. "Infor Lawson Enterprise Management system 10 provides our customers with the right financial information, in context, that they need to adapt quickly to emerging issues while still ensuring accountability through efficient, standardized processes that improve accounting, budgeting, sourcing and procurement processes."

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