How CH Briggs ‘Beat the Building Slump’Posted at - 12:00 PM on Tue, Jun 18, 2013

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How CH Briggs<br>‘Beat the Building Slump’

In the past three months, CH Briggs Co. has increased its business about 15% using Inforce Everywhere, company COO  Don Schalk tells Diginomica.

With Inforce Everywhere connecting Infor ERP to, "we're just quicker, faster, more nimble," Schalk explains in an article by Phil Wainewright headlined "Going real-time to beat the building slump."

CH Briggs distributes specialty interior building materials on the U.S. East Coast. The company was the first adopter of Inforce Everywhere.

"After first deploying the connected system for sales and customer services teams in April last year, the company this year brought all its employees in back-office roles onto the Salesforce system. … this has helped put CH Briggs in a strong position to capture business in a still weak construction market," Wainewright reports.

Schalk said, "In the traditional world the salesperson owned the relationship with the customer. Where we're headed, now the organization owns the relationships because there's a 360-degree view. It's basically knocked down all the functional silos of the organization and helped us be more efficient, improve relations with our customers, [and] our margins have improved. …"

"Inforce Everywhere brings information dynamically from the ERP system into Salesforce, allowing sales people to see historic sales, margins on major product categories, order history and trends, open orders, quotes, open opportunities and much more. "By having that information when they're out in the field, it changes the conversation with the customer," he said.

With the support of Salesforce and Infor, he added, "It's helped us survive - and even now thrive …"

"The exciting part for us is, with the tools that we have, I think we've just scratched the surface really."

Read "Going real-time to beat the building slump" on Diginomica.

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