CMO Shares Infor Strategy on CxOTalkPosted at - 03:47 PM on Mon, Aug 26, 2013

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CMO Shares Infor Strategy <br>in CxOTalk Video Chat

Listen in to Chief Marketing Officer Chip Coyle's chat about Infor strategy with analyst Michael Krigsman on the CxOTalk live series on Google Hangouts recorded Aug. 23.

"We're working on demonstrating the attributes of our products in a story-telling way," Coyle says.

He talks about the new digital tools Infor is leveraging across channels to create a consistent multiple-touch experience for customers and prospects that gives them information they need in an easily digestible form.

"We ask ourselves, 'How do we create environments online that actually help a customer think about things in a different way?' "

"Our brand is consistent with the attributes we are striving for with our products: clean, easy to work with, consumer-like approach."

Watch the CxOTalk on YouTube.

About CxOTalk: Every Friday, CxOTalk hosts a conversation with a thought leaders and innovative executives who are pushing the boundaries within their companies and their fields, allowing viewers to see and hear how industry leaders think and respond to everyday challenges.

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