Diginomica Draws ‘Lessons from
Infor’s Reinvention’Posted at - 04:00 PM on Mon, Jun 17, 2013

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Diginomica Draws ‘Lessons from<br>Infor’s Reinvention’

What did the Diginomica team learn when they evaluated Infor's strategy for reinventing enterprise software?

Nothing is tougher in enterprise software than reinvention," asserts analyst Jon Reed in his blog post headlined "Lessons from Infor's Reinvention." He uses video interviews with Infor product strategists and several customers to illustrate Diginomica's findings:

"A review of our video shoots from Inforum 2013 brings out these keys to enterprise software reinvention:

  • Integration (on the customer's terms, not the vendor's)
  • Mobility and ease of mobile app development
  • Cloud options and speed of deployment
  • Industry specialization
  • Real-time over delayed/batch processing
  • Customer co-innovation
  • User experience (dramatic improvements often needed)
  • Minimizing cost/disruption of upgrades needed for new functionality

"Last but not least: rethinking apps and business models from the customer viewpoint …"

Infor President Duncan Angove "made clear that Infor is all-in on making integration easy via lightweight ION middleware. He also doubled-down on micro-verticals …"

Ali Shadman, SVP for Infor Business Cloud, said "customers are aggressively pursuing 'edge' use cases in areas like CRM and PLM. But interest in moving transactional systems to the cloud is growing - fast."

Infor product manager Nick Borth says "surprisingly enough, customers want to roll out their own mobile apps - despite the learning curve involved. He also reports receiving a lot of enhancement requests for Infor's mobile apps. Which suggests an evolving ecosystem that combines Infor's apps with those that customers develop."

Read "Lessons from Infor's Reinvention" and view the video interviews.

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