DM News Asks: What Useful Data
Are Marketers Ignoring?Posted on - 12:38 AM on Thu, Jan 17, 2013

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DM News Asks: What Useful Data <br>Are Marketers Ignoring?

"Data is at the core of direct marketing. At least it should be," reports Direct Marketing News.

"… as marketers work to improve their use of data, they're faced with such ongoing challenges as data integration, quality, and scope," notes editor-in-chief Ginger Conlon in an recent article titled "Overlook This Data Issue and Lose Customers."

Direct Marketing News asked several industry insiders: What's the most overlooked data issue right now and how can marketers address it?

George Wright, SVP and general manager of Infor CRM, responded: "It's important to go beyond simple historical data to get a full portrait of each customer at the exact point of interaction. Marketers need to look across all of the available data types—demographic, behavioral, psychographic, and contextual—in real time to improve message delivery, resonation, and acceptance."

As an example, Wright used a bank customer and laid out the ways her institution could and should use the data from its cross-channel interactions with her to "provide a more tailored experience that can impact the acceptance of services offered. It's essential for organizations to get creative and look beyond the obvious data sources to things such as interactive voice response selections, website, ATMs, surveys, etc., to gain additional insight into the customers they're interacting with."

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