Infor Powers Up Analytics & Mobility for EAMPosted at - 03:13 PM on Tue, Aug 20, 2013

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Infor Powers Up Analytics<br>& Mobility for EAM

The new release of Infor EAM Analytics maximizes applied business intelligence that's made agile through Infor EAM Mobile.

The latest release of Infor Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Analytics uses Infor BI 10x as a foundation to improve data mining and trend-examining functions.

"Gaining intelligent, actionable insights that can be managed in real time, regardless of location, is an essential element of success for our EAM customers," said Kevin Price, product director, Infor EAM.

Flexible graphing and scalable access highlight the functional updates to Infor EAM Analytics, which also features an enriched, Infor 10x-conforming user experience. This release is set to launch in conjunction with the latest version of Infor EAM Mobile, the Apple™ iPad-based program that will also get significant enhancements:

  • User-defined fields
  • Synchronization options
  • Scanning and widgets to safeguard optimal application performance
  • No third-party middleware required

"Infor EAM Analytics will help move our customers beyond industry standards by giving them the ability to examine extracted data for potential critical insights," said Jan Gahde, senior product manager, Infor BI. "Using our leading Infor BI technology to manage real-time analytics and collaborate within the enterprise is central to their overall success, and addresses a vital existing need for most companies."

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