Store Your Marketing Tool in the CloudPosted at - 12:20 PM on Wed, Jun 19, 2013

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Store Your Marketing Tool<br>in the Cloud

Infor's market-leading customer relationship management application is now available in the cloud, so it's more flexible and has lower IT costs.

Infor Epiphany Interaction Advisor is available for subscription and hosted services. Through cloud deployment, organizations looking to update antiquated software and modernize methods of reaching and targeting customers can rapidly take advantage of Infor's specialized CRM solutions without needing to expand IT headcount and increase budget allocations.

The cloud-based version of Infor Epiphany Interaction Advisor provides users the same functionality as the on-premises version, but in an environment hosted by Infor, reducing the cost of maintaining the software, speeding the deployment process and simplifying future upgrades.

Infor Epiphany Interaction Advisor promotes more productive customer interactions and helps organizations optimize cross-sell revenue and improve customer retention. The application combines historical, personal, and contextual information, as well as real-time analytics capabilities and business rules, to help customer-facing channels present the most attractive offers to increase sales, get better response rates, and drive higher satisfaction and loyalty. Interaction Advisor is part of the best-of-breed suite of Infor Epiphany applications and 2013 CRM Watchlist winner by ZDNet.

"We want our customers to be able to grow and change as business needs fluctuate. By offering Infor Epiphany Interaction Advisor in the cloud, we are giving them the option to choose the deployment method that's right for their business model," said George Wright, senior vice president and general manager, CRM, Infor.

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