Infor Epiphany Marketing Helps to Strengthen Customer Relationships at Great Wolf ResortsPosted on - 03:47 PM on Fri, Mar 29, 2013

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Infor Epiphany Marketing Floats Water Park Resorts Campaigns to the Next Level

Infor Epiphany proves it's no "watered-down" marketing suite as it delivers cost-effective gains and powerful insights to Great Wolf Resorts.

Great Wolf Resorts, the largest family of indoor water park resorts in North America, has selected Infor Epiphany Marketing to cost-effectively gain powerful insights into their customer base, improve targeting, and drive intelligence into subsequent campaigns. Infor Epiphany Marketing will provide Great Wolf Resorts with the tools needed to help the company create personalized e-mail campaigns and continue to build ongoing relationships with its guests.

"Our goal at Great Wolf Resorts is to keep our properties top of mind with our guests when they are planning their vacation and to communicate with them the way they want to be communicated with," said Nikki Donofrio, senior vice president, Brand Marketing, Great Wolf Resorts. "The Infor Epiphany Marketing system helps us spend less time on administrative tasks and instead allows us to fully focus on strategy, messaging, and segmentation so that we can better communicate with our guests."

Great Wolf Resorts selected Infor Epiphany Marketing because it can help the organization achieve its goal of improving the guest experience. In addition:

  • Infor Epiphany Marketing was easily integrated to a third-party email service provider and to the existing enterprise resource planning system to provide a more complete snapshot of guest and business performance, empowering employees with consolidated data access to business decisions.
  • It analyzes customer data to create actionable strategies and manage hundreds and thousands of simultaneous communications and campaigns across multiple channels.
  • It provides advanced closed-loop reporting and analytic functionality that will provide staff with the ability to automatically track campaign histories, monitor responses, and use response data to trigger follow-up conversations.

"To thrive in today's competitive market, hospitality companies must provide an exceptional cross-channel customer experience before, during, and even after the actual property visit in order to gain and retain their guests for a lifetime," said Stewart Applbaum, SVP and general manager, hospitality, Infor. "Specifically, the scalability and ability of Infor CRM applications to overlay onto existing platforms, combined with a unique business-oriented user interface, gives companies like Great Wolf Resorts the tools to effectively manage a complex customer relationship strategy at all touch points."

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