IT Jungle: ‘ERP Vendors Delivering Better Value, Nucleus Says’Posted at - 09:00 AM on Tue, Jul 23, 2013

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IT Jungle: ‘ERP Vendors Delivering Better Value, Nucleus Says’

"The era of the slow, apathetic ERP software vendor that peddles monolithic products that are difficult to upgrade may be coming to an end, according to a recent report from Nucleus Research, which finds ERP vendors are increasingly responding to user demands for more intuitive UIs and integrated mobile and analytic capabilities," writes Alex Woodie in a recent IT Jungle Four Hundred Stuff blog post.

Woodie reports: "In its ERP Technology Value Matrix for the first half of 2013, Nucleus detected a change taking place in the ERP market. Driven by customer demands to ‘break the re-implementation cycle’ and shift to a more ‘incremental, value-building upgrade cycle,’ the Boston, Massachusetts, firm says that ERP vendors are increasingly ‘developing iterative solutions that bring more value to current and future investments.’

"The most obvious manifestation of this trend is in the area of UIs and built-in analytics and mobile capabilities, according to the report …"

Nucleus lists Infor's LN suite among the leaders in its matrix.

Read ‘ERP Vendors Delivering Better Value, Nucleus Says’ on IT Jungle.

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