Five Principles for a Successful
Mobile IntegrationPosted at - 04:00 PM on Tue, Mar 11, 2014

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Five Principles for a Successful<br>Mobile Integration

"One thing is clear: mobile technology is going to play a role in the business operations of every manufacturer in the not-too-distant future," said Mark Humphlett, Infor industry and product strategy director, in "The Shop Floor Goes Mobile" published on Fabricating & Metalworking.

Mobile technology is changing the way business is done. Business processes are streamlined, communication is expedited, and cloud computing makes data readily accessible from virtually anywhere at any time. But how do you successfully integrate a mobile platform into an already strategically built IT infrastructure?

"When you add new software capability, you no doubt view the process strategically … Creating a mobile strategy is no differentyou'll be integrating a combination of solutions and functionality to address specific business requirements," explains Humphlett.

Humphlett recommends considering the following five key principles when integrating a mobile strategy:

  • Define your needs.
  • Develop a deployment strategy.
  • Create measurement criteria.
  • Think in terms of continuous change.
  • Plan access based on user roles.  

"Optimizing the use of mobile devices in a manufacturing environment is one of the key tactics for increasing workforce productivity," Humphlett surmises. "Taking a strategic approach that integrates the new capabilities into a core ERP infrastructure is key to optimal results."

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