Glynn County’s Hands-on Approach
to Empowering its PeoplePosted at - 11:00 AM on Mon, Aug 05, 2013

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Glynn County’s Hands-on Approach <br>to Empowering its People

The average citizen of Glynn County, Ga., can just pick up the smartphone now to place and track service requests using a new Infor mobile app it calls "Glynn Connect."

Home of popular tourist destinations Jekyll Island and St. Simons Island on the Georgia coast, Glynn County has implemented Infor Mobile Citizen Request to promote faster, easier submission and fulfillment of work orders by allowing citizens to send requests directly from their smartphone devices.

"Infor Mobile Citizen Request is improving the way we communicate with our citizens, and for any organization to have longevity, communication has to be a priority," said Candice Temple, Glynn County public information officer. "Providing cutting edge technology will project a forward-thinking image of our government to the public and help us keep pace with user expectations of 24/7 access to information."

Glynn County officials wanted to elevate customer service by providing residents a user-friendly tool to report and monitor service requests. County officials selected Infor Mobile Citizen Request. It connects directly with Infor Public Sector, so users can submit and update work orders from anywhere at any time. This helps Glynn County make repairs and address concerns faster and more efficiently.

An interactive map lets users pinpoint the location of their request and even upload a photo, saving time and resources since county's public works and customer service employees no longer need to manually key in these addresses. 
Employees can also consolidate submissions onto a single map to view multiple service request locations simultaneously. This helps the county prioritize responses to focus on larger population segments, and better determine the source for concerns such as excessive mosquitos or reoccurring vandalism.

The ultimate goal for Glynn County is to achieve two-way communication using the application, which allows decision-makers to respond directly to residents and promote greater civic collaboration.

"Infor is providing local governments like Glynn County with technology that promotes a hands-on approach to upkeep in the community," said Kevin Curry, SVP, Public Sector, Infor. "By consolidating service request tracking into a unified mobile format, Infor is helping to empower citizens and delivering greater visibility into daily operations so governments can better respond to public demand."

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