HuffPost: ‘In A World Of High-Tech,
Don't Lose Sight Of High-Touch’Posted at - 01:31 PM on Fri, Aug 30, 2013

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HuffPost: ‘In A World Of High-Tech, <br>Don't Lose Sight Of High-Touch’

Infor CMO Chip Coyle shares seven practices for transforming software technology to a customer-oriented perspective with Huffington Post Business.

In 2011, Coyle "joined the new [Infor] management team in fundamentally transforming the company's approach to product development and integration," reports Vala Afshar, chief marketing officer and chief customer officer at Enterasys Networks, who wrote the article headlined 'In A World Of High-Tech, Don't Lose Sight Of High-Touch' posted Aug. 29.

"The enterprise software business is generally driven by the technology, and focused on selling features, as opposed to driving from the point of view of the customer and the buyer. Coyle however is institutionalizing a more customer-oriented perspective that drives product design and development from the outside in. This innovation around the user experience of the software goes beyond the traditional software function of just getting the job done, but takes it to the next level by creating software for the workplace that is simple and pleasurable to use.

"Coyle give us these 7 practices for orchestrating a technology transformation:
1. Invest in your products
2. Deliver speed to value
3. Be unconventional
4. Align brand attributes with product attributes
5. Rethink marketing
6. Make use of digital interactions, but don't lose face
7. Measure results

The article is based on Coyle's live video chat on CxOTalk recorded Aug. 23.

Get details about the seven practices; read the full article on HuffPost Business.

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