‘Infor ERP Roadmap Focused on
Emerging Tech, Tailored Products’Posted at - 03:00 PM on Wed, Aug 28, 2013

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‘Infor ERP Roadmap Focused on <br>Emerging Tech, Tailored Products’

SearchManufacturingERP put Infor marketing director Mark Humphlett to the Q&A to find out where the Infor ERP roadmap is leading.

"Business analytics is one of the top areas of interest that we're focusing on. … Our analytics strategy is about building real-time intelligence that has the needed content at the micro-vertical level, as well as has the ability to store that information in the cloud and access that intelligence wherever you are to make faster and better business decisions," Humphlett said in a conversation with website editor Brenda Cole posted Aug. 23 under the headline: "Infor ERP Roadmap Focused on Emerging Tech, Tailored Products."

"We've also been focused on our LN and SyteLine [for manufacturing-specific ERP] products. These solutions give you information down to an industry and even to a verticals level. We want to be able to see the specific differences and requirements between, say, an automotive OEM versus a specialty automotive company versus an aftermarket service parts company. That's really the future of the individual solutions - being able to get it down to that micro-vertical requirements level.

"Big data, analytics, cloud, mobile, social collaboration - these are the big trends to watch in the area of ERP. Another thing that you're starting to see more of is companies trying to move away from one single, monolithic ERP system to organizations adopting multi-tiered ERP strategies," he said.

SearchManufacturingERP.com "provides manufacturing IT and business professionals with information on enterprise resource planning (ERP) technology and ERP best practices in the manufacturing industry."

Read the full Q&A on SearchManufacturingERP.com.

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