CRM Watchlist 2013: Infor Has
‘Best Customer-Facing Product’Posted at - 11:29 AM on Mon, Feb 18, 2013

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CRM Watchlist 2013: Infor Has<br>‘Best Customer-Facing Product’

CRM Watchlist 2013 analyst Paul Greenberg says Infor has "arguably the best customer-facing product in technology history."

Greenberg named Infor to the CRM Watchlist 2013 winners list of vendors for the third straight year.

"If there is one thing to know about Infor it's this: they are far more advanced in the customer-facing department than almost any company on the Watchlist," writes Greenberg in his blog post "CRM Watchlist 2013 Winners: Sweetest Suites Part 3."
Here are a few excerpts:

  • Infor Epiphany "is what most CRM-related analysts and industry watchers consider one of the greatest CRM/CEM products ever."
  • Infor's "2012 release of Inforce Marketing, a product associated with Infor's commitment to building on the platform, was an important step. This is their first pure SaaS based product."
  • In December 2012, they made a not-very-surprising acquisition of the top-flight marketing resource management company, Orbis Global.
  • Infor's customer-facing product portfolio is aligned to answer the 21st century's biggest business questions. "While I can't reveal their roadmaps, suffice to say they are impressively complete and significantly attuned to the practical outcomes that the current trends both require and portend."
  • "… they address social by not just integrating social feeds and allowing the employees to communicate with the customers, but by placing a premium on sophisticated approaches to personalization. They don't have to talk about big data, because they already scale infinitely."
  • "Infor has been notably too humble about what it has and what it can do for its customers. Yet as noted above, they have arguably the best customer-facing product in technology history; an excellent CRM leadership team; a CEO who is devoted to investing in the company in the right way; an excellent relationship with the analysts and influencers that they interact with."

Read Greenberg's full analysis.

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