Diginomica: ‘Infor Wants to Make Upgrades Irresistible’Posted at - 03:00 PM on Mon, Oct 21, 2013

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Diginomica: 'Infor Wants to Make<br>Upgrades Irresistible'

CEO Charles Phillips talks with diginomica about easing the pain of upgrading, so customers can get all the new features available only in the new Infor 10x release.

Analyst Phil Wainewright writes: 'The notion of offering a cloud option had come out of conversations with customers that revealed they were feeling overwhelmed by the breadth of change in 10x, revealed Phillips: "They were saying, 'It's almost too much. We're not used to going at that pace. It's hard to upgrade.' "

'So this month Infor has introduced UpgradeX, which allows customers to upgrade to the new release by moving to a cloud version, hosted by Infor at Amazon Web Services. …

' "It wasn't so much saying that, 'We want someone to run my system'. It was, 'I don't want to do upgrades and patches … Rather than me trying to keep up with you guys, why don't you take responsibility for upgrading my systems?' Phillips said.

' "… One of the major reasons people upgrade is to separate the ERP engine from the integrations and the reports … All these programs are about lowering the customization risk, the integration risk, the operational risk."

'Infor will also support customers who opt to remain on-premises, said Phillips. "The goal is to make either choice look very similar from a technology perspective." '

Read the full article on diginomica.com.

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