What's the Story Behind Infor's Rebrand?Posted at - 01:52 PM on Thu, Feb 14, 2013

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Why did Infor rebrand? Deal Architect blogger Vinnie Mirchandani wanted to know and invited Infor Chief Marketing Officer Chip Coyle to explain what's behind Infor's new brand.
In a Feb. 13 guest column, Coyle writes: "With the new corporate strategy and a unified product portfolio now in place, the decision to rebrand was about acknowledging that this was a whole new company. … The first step was to clearly define what our brand stands for, bringing to the forefront some of our most important traits: speed, flexibility, and industry specialization. …

"Ultimately a brand is a promise to customers. … Consumers can tell the difference between a superficial rebrand and an authentic one. We will deliver on our brand promise, and that means delivering a new generation of software that truly changes the way work is done."

Read the full column: "The Real Deal: Chip Coyle on Rebranding a Software Company"

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