'Infor School' Inaugurated
for Children in Rollakallu, IndiaPosted on - 10:00 AM on Fri, Feb 01, 2013

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'Infor School' Inaugurated<br>for Children in Rollakallu, India

The 'Infor School' for underprivileged children has officially opened in Rollakallu, India, with support of Infor staff in Hyderabad.

The 'Infor School' will provide basic education for more than 250 children in this village in Warangal District of Andhra Pradesh. The project is an initiative of Infor CARE, the corporate social responsibility (CSR) wing of Infor's office in Hyderabad, and was developed in partnership with Rural Development Foundation (RDF), the pioneers in taking education to the remote villages of Andhra Pradesh.

An inauguration ceremony was held Jan. 18, featuring school officials, local leaders, foundation partners, and Ranga Pothula, vice president of Infor Consulting Services in Hyderabad.

"We are proud to drive a project that will touch the lives of people in rural India," Pothula said during the ceremony. "Infor staff in Hyderabad not only funded this project completely, but also planned, designed and executed it along with significant contribution from Infor employees and their friends. Our aim is to inspire more corporations to come together through such platforms and take up large-scale projects that can make a meaningful difference to the region."

The project has also helped generate employment for 17 teachers and five nonteaching staff, while about 35 families were able to earn their livelihood for six months during construction of the school. The building is 6600 square feet of 10 classrooms, offices, computer lab, library, and has a playground.

"I sincerely appreciate the gesture of Infor in getting the modern school constructed and handing over to Rural Development Foundation as part of the local corporate social responsibility of Infor employees. RDF students are blessed to have this facility," said Sri A. Venkateswara Rao, Warangal superintendent of police.

"We employ more than 1,000 staff in our Infor office in Hyderabad who have initiated many CSR activities in the past 17 years," Pothula said. "We've regularly provided blood donations, funded medical treatment, supported orphanages and a home for the aged. Additionally, large-scale events such as relief programs during natural calamities have been meticulously planned, managed, and executed by enthusiastic volunteers. We've come together on many occasions to initiate work on many such projects that touch the lives of people who are battling the bitter battles of life, in the remote villages of Andhra Pradesh."

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