IA: ‘Infor Taps East Coast Creativity
to Reinvent Enterprise Software’Posted at - 11:30 AM on Tue, Aug 27, 2013

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IA: ‘Infor Taps East Coast Creativity<br>to Reinvent Enterprise Software’

Information Age explores why Infor set up a New York-based design agency to draw "left-brain creatives" into reimagining user experience.

In an Aug. 27 article headlined "Infor Taps East Coast Creativity to Reinvent Enterprise Software," editor Pete Swabey writes about the cultural collision of "the ostensibly rational world of IT and the creative field of marketing ..."

"One of the best examples of this collision in action comes, surprisingly, from Infor," he writes.

Infor CEO Charles Phillips explains that when he and his new leadership team came onboard at Infor, one of the first things they did was set about leveraging the consumerisation of IT to improve enterprise software.

"We're all big gadget guys who love using all these new consumer technologies, so we thought, 'How can we use this in our business?' " Phillips told Information Age.

"We quickly realised that we didn't want the traditional enterprise applications engineer - they just don't have the background, it's a different skill set, and different type of thinker," he says.

Phillips led the search for "left-brain creatives," artistic people who nevertheless had some interest and experience in working with computers and the web.

"It turns out New York is a great place for that," he says.

The result is Hook & Loop, an internal design agency … that has ultimate responsibility for the user experience of all Infor's software.

Read the full article on Information Age.

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