Infor Wins CRM Watchlist 2014
For Both 'Beautyand Brains'Posted at - 02:00 PM on Mon, Feb 17, 2014

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Infor Wins CRM Watchlist 2014<br>For Both 'Beauty <i>and </i> Brains'

ZDNet analyst Paul Greenberg chose Infor as a CRM Watchlist 2014 winner for 'extraordinary strength of product' that delivers both 'beauty and brains.'

This is the fourth straight year Infor has been selected a top customer relationship management vendor.

Infor continues to 'innovate in ways that other companies can only try to replicate, and put forward a fantastic portfolio of customer-facing products that still don't get the due they deserve, but have impact where they become known," writes Greenberg in his Feb. 17 blog post, 'CRM Watchlist 2014 Winners: Upgraded to a Suite: Part I.'

Here are a few excerpts:

  • 'Why should they be a 2014 CRM Watchlist winner? First and foremost is something that Infor is doing that is brilliantly innovative and borders on disruptive – a word that I never use lightly.  It is something that they are doing as a company, not just their CRM practice.

    'It all starts with a mantra of theirs that is unlike any other enterprise software company in the entire industry – "Beauty as a core competence."   Whoa! What? What? Beauty? What's that got to do with software, applications, the cloud, on premises stuff, the front or back office? What's that got to do with customers, employees, computers, tablets, and smartphones? What? Everything.
  • '… people are people. They want to enjoy their life and their work in particular and if the applications are fun to use or at least easy to navigate, they are likely to use them with more verve and interest – which means more productively. Enter Infor. Enter Hook and Loop.

    'Infor, realizing how much more productive happy employees are and how much more work gets done with tools that are easy to use in all ways, decided to do something productive at the root and viscerally attractive on the front. To get there, not only did they adopt that lovely message "Beauty as a core competency" but they created a strictly internal (unlike the competitive Accenture Interactive) creative agency of what is now 100 employees called Hook and Loop.
  • Infor's entire product line from ERP to CRM has been refreshed with the new entirely beautiful user interface – one that is device agnostic and organic in its use. 
  • What Infor also offers is a great product set, a solid as a rock smart management team led by the excellent George Wright, a long time industry veteran, and some strong customer wins.
  • Their CRM portfolio is driven by Epiphany, the customer interaction engine that has been perhaps the most well regarded, iconic CRM product in the industry's history.
  • … their products such as Infor Marketing are strong, competitive offerings and with the new interfaces and user experience, more interesting an option than ever.
  • Their newest and most important piece in their portfolio is what they are calling their Customer Interaction Hub. … their CIH works. I've seen it, and I am impressed. Think of it this way. If you have millions of customers - all of whom are demanding that you respond to them in a personalized way, the purpose of the CIH is to give you the insights to understand that in each case and the management capacity to act on it.
  • Due to the very smart acquisition of Orbis, … Infor also offers marketing resource management (MRM) which adds to the value of the Infor portfolio.

Read Greenberg's complete analysis.

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