Information Age: ‘Infor a Treat:
In the Boardroom with Duncan Angove’Posted at - 03:30 PM on Fri, Mar 07, 2014

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Information Age: ‘In the Boardroom<br>with Duncan Angove’
Infor proudly stands by its self-labeled description as "the world's largest start-up," and Infor President Duncan Angove joined Information Age's Ben Rossi to explain why this perception is a positive, and how this disruptive approach is making big gains in the enterprise software market.
"We're a relatively young company compared to the other guys, but we sort of like that," Angove said. "Start-ups have to challenge conventional thinking about a lot of things; they're all about upsetting the status quo. … We have to do things differently, and capture the customers' imagination and secure value in different ways."
Infor has taken significant steps toward a Cloud-based computing approach. "We don't want our customers spending millions of dollars on databases and hardware, and all those types of things—we think that should be commoditized by open source, and ultimately it should be in the cloud," Angove explained. Infor is "one of the first enterprise software companies to run completely on the OpenStack …"
"We wanted to deliver experiences that people love with our enterprise software, and it's always that part of our strategy that gets people the most excited," Angove said in regard to Infor's internal creative agency, Hook & Loop. "The response from these guys' work has been fantastic, and really we've only scratched the surface with what we've done so far—some of the stuff we have coming down the pipe is truly revolutionary."
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