InformationWeek: ‘Infor Steps Up
Cloud, E-Commerce Plays’Posted at - 01:24 PM on Wed, Oct 09, 2013

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InformationWeek: ‘Infor Steps Up <br>Cloud, E-Commerce Plays’

CEO Charles Phillips gives InformationWeek a sneak peek at Infor's new cloud-based initiatives: UpgradeX, a program to accelerate customers' move to the cloud, and Infor Rhythm, an e-commerce platform for Web storefronts.

Executive editor Doug Henschen posted his Oct. 9 commentary piece 'on the two latest initiatives in the reinvention of Infor,' based on an exclusive conversation with Phillips. Here are excerpts:

'The first is UpgradeX, a program designed to accelerate Infor's move into the cloud by helping customers move to the latest, 10x versions of Infor applications managed by Infor and running on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure,' Henschen writes.

'… the "Upgrade" part is what Phillips is hoping Infor can help customers do more quickly and easily in the cloud. The "X" part is the fill-in-the-blank name of the application the customer currently has deployed on-premises, whether that's LN, M3, Lawson or SyteLine ERP systems or Infor's Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) application.

'… "It's like a normal application upgrade except now the machines, the patching and the upgrades will be managed by us and we make the move as risk free as possible," Phillips says. "We flip them to a subscription from paying maintenance, and from that point on, they're paying a per-user fee just like any other SaaS application."

'… "Customers will save a lot of money relative to running apps themselves, they can retire customizations and they get a more modern product and more confidence that they'll stay current and that we can run it better than most of them could," Phillips says.'

Infor Rhythm
'The second initiative is Rhythm, a cloud-based e-commerce platform that Phillips says will help customers build state-of-the-art Web storefronts backed by product configuration capabilities, recommendation engines, search and content management capabilities.

' … "This is for companies that have storefronts that were designed eight to 10 years ago that are not intuitive, that don't have the advanced capabilities we can deliver for up-sell and cross-sell, and that don't have a product configurator," Phillips explains.

'… In addition to targeting companies with aging storefronts, Infor is also targeting business-to-business and wholesale organizations that are still clinging to phone and fax. Infor's internal design team will help with the look and feel of the sites, while ION integrates the various backend capabilities of the SaaS service with on-premises systems.'

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