InfoWorld: ‘Can Infor Upset
the Oracle-SAP Duopoly?’Posted at - 03:44 PM on Mon, Aug 05, 2013

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InfoWorld: ‘Can Infor Upset <br>the Oracle-SAP Duopoly?’

"Can Infor upset the Oracle-SAP duopoly?" InfoWorld's Eric Knorr asks Infor CEO Charles Phillips, and discovers how Infor adds up to "a compelling alternative."

In his Aug. 5 Modernizing IT blog post, Knorr writes: "I'm sure it still happens, but I can't imagine a greenfield situation where a company would turn to Oracle or SAP for a full-blown, on-premises ERP system. Who would want to suffer the disruption, lock-in, and expense? …"

"As CEO of Infor, Charles Phillips is attempting to break the Oracle-SAP duopoly. For the past two and a half years, Philips, after leaving his post as co-president of Oracle, has performed what he calls a 'a complete reboot' of Infor. 'We changed the strategy, we changed the management team ... we changed the focus from building scale to innovation and products ... and then changed all the key assumptions on what architecture we would use.'

Phillips lays out why the big two are vulnerable, and what Infor is doing differently.

Knorr concludes, "Infor's flexible deployment model, enhanced integration, vertical expertise, and UI improvements may well add up to a compelling alternative. …"
"For some customers, those legacy ERP systems are as difficult to dislodge as mainframes … Nimbler customers will adopt more agile solutions such as those offered by Infor …"

Read "Can Infor upset the Oracle-SAP duopoly?" on InfoWorld.

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