Infor Jumps into Mobile Apps 'With Gusto'Posted at - 01:30 PM on Wed, Feb 15, 2012

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Infor Goes Mobile 'With Gusto'
Infor "jumped in with gusto last month when it unveiled its new mobile strategy, called Infor10 Motion," writes Alex Woodie in the IT Jungle newsletter Four Hundred Stuff.

Woodie describes the new Infor10 Motion apps this way:

"First up is Infor10 Road Warrior, a brand new sales force automation (SFA) tool that gives users access to sales-related information stored in an ERP system through a combination of charts, graphs, and alerts. The software is able to take advantage of other apps that may be present on the iOS device, such as FaceTime or Skype, to streamline actions, such as placing a phone call.

"Next up is Infor ION ActivityDeck, which is an iOS rendition of an existing workflow and business process management (BPM) dashboard that's already in the Infor arsenal (specifically, the ION Pulse Server). The software allows mobile users to stay connected to back-office activities through Twitter-like alerts, and the capability to approve or reject requests."

Here are a few more bits:

  • "If two apps just aren't enough to sate your voracious app[etite], worry not: more apps are on the way … Apps on Infor's drawing board include: order and quote entry, expense report approval, performance management BI dashboard, shop floor production assistant, and mobile e-commerce."
  • "'Our plan is to support [iOS] for the first few releases, and look at an Android toward the second half of the year,' " explains Infor10 Motion product manager Nick Borth in the article.
  • "An online marketplace will also be set up to allow Infor and its partners to hawk mobile wares to its customer base. The plan currently calls for the marketplace to go live sometime toward the end of the year."
  • "Infor is also doing a lot of other work in the cloud space, including launching cloud versions of enterprise apps hosted by the likes of Amazon."

Read "Infor Unveils Mobile Strategy, Ships 2 iOS Apps" on IT Jungle.

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