IT Jungle: “Infor Exudes Total Confidence at Annual User Confab”Posted at - 02:08 PM on Mon, May 06, 2013

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IT Jungle: “Infor Exudes Total Confidence at Annual User Confab”

"Infor let its customers and competitors know that it means business at the Inforum 2013 conference … and highlighted its impressive growth," reports IT Jungle.

Infor "set a high bar with a new line of offerings from the new consumer-grade SoHo user interface and Twitter-like Ming.le feed, to new cloud offerings with IBM and Amazon's RedShift," writes Alex Woodie in an IT Jungle article posted May 6 and titled "Infor Exudes Total Confidence at Annual User Confab."

Here are excerpts:

  • "The motto at last year's show was "Go Faster." So how could Infor top that? Easy: multiply it times ten. Hence the company's new Infor10x brand."
  • "Infor10x refers to the latest versions of Infor's premiere offerings, which can connect to Infor's all important ION service bus and boast the latest social, cloud, and mobile features like SoHo, Ming.le, the Motion mobile interfaces, and Inforce CRM, marketing, and sales tools based on Salesforce."
  • Infor CEO Charles Phillips "is known as something of a gear head when it comes to products, and his company is spending big on products."
  • "Infor is banking heavily that the new SoHo user interface will be a game-changer in the enterprise software market. … Infor didn't have the skills necessary to build a next-gen UI. Indeed, it doubted anybody in the computer business had the skills. Instead, Infor decided to "infect its own gene pool," as (Infor President Duncan) Angove put it, and tapped local NYC professionals in the advertising and fashion industries to lead the new design effort.
  • "It's creating experiences people love," Phillips says. "We think it's a pretty cool thing to do, and we think it's going to change how business applications are going to be used in the future."

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