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About Infor’s 10% Growth in SalesPosted at - 11:00 AM on Wed, Jun 26, 2013

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IT Jungle Optimistic About <br>Infor’s 10% Growth in Sales
Between Infor's commitment to research and development, and its "variety of irons in the fire," it's easy to see why Q4 results have analysts talking.
In an article recapping Infor's announcement of double-digit growth for Q4 of 2013, IT Jungle columnist Alex Woodie claims Infor "is giving SAP and Oracle a run for its money."
With over $350 million spent on research and development in FY13, and an estimated 300 new products and 11,000 new features set to launch in FY14, it's no wonder Infor has its sights set on positioning itself as a viable alternative to the "ERP duopoly."
Infor unveiled a host of those new features at the 2013 user conference Inforum, including Infor 10x, Infor Ming.le™, and the SoHo user interface; along with recently revealed collaborations to produce products on, cloud-based offerings with IBM, and the technology from the Amazon RedShift platform.
Woodie quoted Infor president Duncan Angove as saying: "Infor has introduced more new products and enhancements in the last 18 months than in the previous five years combined. This inflection point in market share gains for Infor is a direct consequence of over two years of accelerated and unprecedented investment and the freedom to innovate and move quickly."
While not revealing much, Woodie recognized Infor's "preliminary, non-binding financial results that show steady sales growth for [Infor's] fourth quarter of 2013;" paying special attention to the 10% growth in license fees and subscription revenues compared to Q4 of 2012.
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