IT Jungle: ‘Infor CEO Throws Down
on Competitors with SoHo UI’Posted at - 02:20 PM on Thu, May 09, 2013

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IT Jungle: ‘Infor CEO Throws Down <br>on Competitors with SoHo UI’

"Infor needed a common UI to link its various enterprise software products. What wasn't expected is that (Infor CEO Charles) Phillips would use this as an opportunity to trump his competitors in the looks department," writes Alex Woodie on the IT Jungle blog Four Hundred Stuff.

"According to Phillips, it's high time that ERP software vendors started creating better user experiences. To that end, Phillips panned the user interfaces of his closest competitors during a well-received presentation at the Inforum 2013 opening session," explains Woodie in his May 7 post.

"SoHo is the name of the new HTML5-based user interface that Infor is adopting across its various enterprise applications … What was clear from Phillips' comments during the Inforum 2013 opening session is that he is very much involved in the design of Infor's products. Phillips emphasized the importance of 'creating experiences people love' and 'democratizing access to information.' "

Read "Infor CEO Throws Down on ERP Competitors with New SoHo UI" on IT Jungle.

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