ITxM Links Patient Records with BillingPosted on - 10:45 AM on Wed, Oct 17, 2012

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ITxM Links Patient Records with Billing

It takes an upgrade to enhance billing efficiency. The Institute for Transfusion Medicine did that with Infor Healthcare Revenue Management.

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, ITxM is one of the nation's foremost providers of transfusion medicine and related services. To integrate its outpatient records and core receivables systems into a single, unified solution, it upgraded to the latest version of Revenue Management.

"Prior to our Infor upgrade, it was difficult to track and process payments because users had to access separate systems to obtain the necessary data," said Keir Josephson, director, IT Strategy & Delivery, ITxM. "Now our entire outpatient records system is integrated with our core receivable system, enabling us to manage our billing processes, whether patient or client, within a single, unified solution."

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