500 Advancements for 5 Industries
in Biggest M3 Release in 10 YearsPosted at - 11:19 AM on Tue, Jul 09, 2013

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500 Advancements for 5 Industries<br>in Biggest M3 Release in 10 Years

A new release of Infor M3 packs more than 500 improvements specifically for the distribution, equipment, fashion, chemicals, and food & beverage industries.

This biggest M3 release in 10 years includes access to the latest Infor innovations in social, mobile, analytics and cloud technologies.

"Infor M3 is the first product to incorporate Infor 10x, our latest enterprise release that includes a reinvented HTML5 user experience and the new Infor Ming.leTM collaboration platform packaged within the ION integration framework," comments Infor President Duncan Angove. 

It's also faster to deploy. A new accelerator pack allows major functional enhancements to be added without needing to install an entirely new version of the software. 

Functional improvements span all areas and include alignment of payment terms to customer order lines, better allocation of discounts, clearer management of markups, markdowns and exclusions, improved backorder prevention, simplified processing of kits, and enhancements in item replacement capabilities in order entry. 

The finance interface is easier to use and includes simplified supplier invoices, improved reconciliation between logistics and general ledger, advanced payments in accounts payable and accounts receivable, dynamic credit limits, increased analytical capabilities, and better VAT and taxation management.  Inventory management has improved statistics on demand status, enhanced ability to update items, user defined lot numbering rules, and lots with multiple statuses. 

In addition to sales, finance, warehouse management and procurement features, specific industries will benefit from the following:

  • Fashion businesses will see numerous enhancements to their e-commerce platform such as showroom ordering, style visibility, lookbook, season orders and greater configurability.
  • Food & beverage companies will see better tank tracing and lot blending, features for ultra-fresh food planning, enhanced warehouse mobility support, ageing and shelf-life management, and lot status and numbering improvements. 
  • Distribution companies will see enhancements to delivery management through simplified movement of inventory between locations, pick corrections prior to pick list reports, new load building step for shipments, grouping of shipment packages to same distribution point, and greater control of output of pick lists.  
  • Equipment companies will see enhanced lifecycle visibility, consistent parts pricing, new rental features, and a new warranty parts storage solution.  

"The 500+ improvements in Infor M3 13.1, combined with the new accelerator pack concept, means that regardless of whether an organization makes and distributes trousers, tortellini or tractors, they can benefit from functionality specific to their business - quickly," comments John Gledhill, global director, Infor M3 product management. "Crucially for both existing and new customers, the latest application has the infrastructure base to enable future new functionality to be implemented without the need for a major upgrade project."  

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