CAD + ERP + PLM = Success for Montebello PackagingPosted on - 12:34 PM on Thu, Dec 20, 2012

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CAD + ERP + PLM=Success for Montebello Packaging

Montebello Packaging finds integrating engineering and manufacturing solutions is key for its made-to-order business.

Montebello Packaging makes collapsible aluminum and laminate tubes and aerosol cans. The company  has selected Infor VISUAL and Infor PLM Discrete to integrate with its existing computer-aided design (CAD) system. Infor VISUAL and Infor PLM Discrete will provide a unified data repository, helping to automate processes for faster production and reduced order delivery times.

"Our engineers currently have no central repository for formulas and product development information, which makes it time consuming to gather the necessary data to request changes and make improvements to processes," said Hannah Labuschagne, director of supply chain, Montebello Packaging. "Using Infor VISUAL and Infor PLM Discrete, our engineers will have the tools they need to make better decisions and bring new products to market faster through easy access to consolidated manufacturing information."

Engineers can view product drawings and formulas in both Infor PLM Discrete and Infor VISUAL. Tighter integration of the systems will allow for easier retrieval of current and past product information, promoting smarter decision-making and management of both production and change control processes.

Infor PLM Discrete provides the flexibility to develop, configure and quote new products more quickly.

The enhanced tracking capabilities will enable Montebello Packaging to improve compliance with regulatory standards from its numerous pharmaceutical customers.

"Integration between engineering and manufacturing solutions is key for made-to-order businesses like Montebello Packaging, and Infor technology ensures that applications seamlessly work together to enable faster, more cost-effective production processes," said Mark Humphlett, director of ERP marketing, Infor.

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