'Musgrave Simplifies Retail'
Project Succeeds with Infor SCEPosted at - 03:15 PM on Thu, Jul 25, 2013

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'Musgrave Simplifies Retail' <br>Project Succeeds with Infor SCE

Retail food leader The Musgrave Group is using Infor Supply Chain Execution to help realize its "Any Product to Any Site" initiative.

It's part of "Musgrave Simplifies Retail" (MSR) - a 40,000-man-day, £16 million project to improve profits by aligning costs and operations across brands throughout the UK and Ireland.

The Musgrave Group is an international company that works in partnership with entrepreneurial retailers in Ireland, the UK and Spain. The nine retail brands within the group had combined sales of €6.6 billion in 2011. In the UK and Ireland, brands include Budgens, Londis, Daybreak and MACE.

Musgrave has recently completed the MSR project to implement a common ERP framework across operations in the UK and Ireland. This included upgrading Infor SCE to help enable the future goal of "Any Product to Any Site" (APAS)-routing product in any warehouse to any retail site.

"As part of the MSR project, we realized we needed to have far greater consistency of costs and operations across the Budgens and Londis brands," said Mark Trevarrow, MSR project director, The Musgrave Group.  "Previously, we had 'brand-aligned' warehouses, meaning products could only be shipped to certain stores from a specific warehouse. This actually resulted in different costs for the same product going to different shops.

"MSR will help enable far greater consistency and deliver the benefits of standardization across our operations in Ireland and mainland UK.  A key part of this is the fact that, enabled by Infor SCE, we will be able to supply any product to sites that were previously brand-exclusive and track the costs consistently."

Driven by Infor SCE, APAS is set to deliver more standardized cost data and increased visibility that will be used to help improve negotiations with suppliers. Infor SCE will enable cross-docking at Musgrave warehouses to help improve the speed and efficiency of order fulfillment.

"As part of the bigger MSR picture, our use of Infor SCE means we have faster, more responsive supply operations that are not only simpler but also more effective in getting the products that our customers demand onto the shelves," said Scott Wharton, Musgrave supply chain director.

"For retailers, the agility and speed of a supply chain to satisfy demands are critical factors," said Pieter Leijten, Infor VP of supply chain in EMEA. "Barriers to that operational flexibility can be expensive and that is exactly where the Infor strategy of enabling efficient processes such as cross-docking, out-of-the box, can yield a fast and substantial ROI."

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