Nucleus Research: ‘Infor Now
Has Attractive Innovation’Posted on - 10:19 AM on Wed, Feb 27, 2013

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Nucleus Research: ‘Infor Now<br>Has Attractive Innovation’

"Infor now has attractive innovation in areas like social, integration, and analytics," concludes Nucleus Research in its update from the recent Infor Innovation Summit.  

"Infor has made a lot of changes in the past 24 months, and the next 24 are likely to bring more for Infor partners and customers," writes Nucleus analyst Rebecca Wetteman after attending the summit for analysts and "tech watchers" at Infor's New York headquarters.

In her update, she details some of those key changes. Here are a few excerpts:   

  • "Infor recognizes that more than one-third of its customers are still on older versions of software packages it acquired over the past two decades, and are hesitant to upgrade. For these customers, the company has a three-pronged strategy: edge applications, cloud, one-on-one event-based marketing."
  • "Adoption of edge applications will be driven by an easy, repeatable approach to integration. Infor's model, the Intelligent Open Network, is XML based, loosely coupled, and based on OAGIS. With ION, as long as any Web-based application is publishing its update via XML, changes can be made without breaking the integrations. … This will enable customers to more rapidly adopt edge applications, enable Infor applications to talk to each other more readily, and streamline the integration of any additional application Infor may acquire."
  • "A big area of differentiation for Infor moving forward is changing the experience of how people use software to make it more beautiful, elegant, and intuitive. … To do this, Infor decided it needed to own the skill set - and has formed Hook & Loop, a design agency within Infor, employing people whose expertise is in design and content. For Infor, this is not just about wrapping a better user interface around functionality but taking a more holistic approach to how users engage with the application in a linear process."
  • "To be successful moving forward, Infor will have to persuade its existing customer base that they should spend more and modernize while attracting new customers. The good news is that Infor now has attractive innovation in areas like social, integration, and analytics to do it."

Nucleus Research "Research Note: Infor Update," February 2013

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