Nucleus Research: Orbis Global Acquisition Strengthens Infor CRMPosted on - 04:00 PM on Fri, Dec 07, 2012

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Nucleus: Orbis Global Acquisition Strengthens Infor CRM

Infor's recent acquisition of Orbis Global "extends Infor's cloud capabilities and further strengthens Infor's Epiphany CRM suite," reports Nucleus Research. "… Customers are likely to benefit."

In a just-published Research Note, "Infor acquires Orbis Global," Nucleus analyzes the acquisition and how it might benefit businesses using customer relationship management tools. Nucleus reports:

"Nucleus has also seen Infor invest in modernizing its approach to CRM and focus on usability and user productivity  key areas for marketing professionals, who are often only occasional users of marketing automation software. Orbis Global's capabilities address areas in the 'last mile' of marketing automation that are traditionally handled either manually, with custom applications, or with spreadsheets today.

"Orbis provides additional areas for improvement, including greater productivity by automating manual processes; accelerated time-to-campaign by streamlining review, localization, and budgeting; and reduced overall cost of campaigns through greater visibility into overall cost and budgeting."

"Orbis customers are likely to benefit from this acquisition as well, as Infor is likely to increase the overall investment in research and development as well as integration of the Orbis technologies into Infor's evolving cloud marketing automation offer."

Nucleus concludes: "Infor may have not been broadly perceived as a player in 2012, but this gives it a significant step ahead and a reason for decision makers in the marketing space to take notice."

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Read the Infor news release.

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