Mint Jutras: Infor’s New Partner
Vibe—‘Delivering on Promises’Posted at - 02:20 PM on Fri, Aug 02, 2013

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Mint Jutras: Infor’s New Partner <br>Vibe—‘Delivering on Promises’

Mint Jutras says the new vibe at Infor's Americas Partner Summit "results from the very significant progress the Infor team has made in addressing channel issues and delivering on promises."

ERP analyst Cindy Jutras says the summit in San Diego last week "resonated from the clear, crisp and confident messages being delivered." She shares her assessment in a July 25 blog post headlined "Infor Americas Partner Summit: A Definite Crispness in the Air."

Here are excerpts:

  • "It was just two short years ago (June 8, 2011) that [Infor] announced its new Infor Partner Network (IPN), "a global network of people, systems and services designed to deliver the highest quality support for channel partners." The goal was to achieve double-digit growth and to double license revenue from its channel partners by 2013. That goal was achieved, with partners now contributing about 25% of license revenue. In addition the average revenue per year per partner grew 75%.
  • "By the time last year's Partner Summit rolled around, progress had been made. Rules of engagement and segmentation were defined, as well as product strategy, including a focus on microverticals. The pace of innovation was accelerating. Much had been accomplished in the back office to streamline business booked through the channel … Partners were beginning to see a new Infor. This new Infor listened and took action.
    Last year, "partners were still in a 'wait and see' mode. They were challenging Infor to do more and the jury was still out … This year, the mood lightened and there was a general sense of trust and belief, largely because it was clear Infor was delivering.
  • "Infor has opened an executive visit center in NYC which is available to all partners. … Partners that have availed themselves of this opportunity boast a 90% close rate after such a visit.
  • "Education was a big focus. Infor now offers classroom training (at their education centers, or brought directly to larger partners), as well as online options, including both self-study and virtual, instructor-led classes.
  • "Infor has also delivered implementation accelerators - prepackaged content for faster time to value, lower cost, reduced risk. This IP is also available to partners.
  • "Partners can engage Infor consulting services to assist with 1st engagements on new solutions.
  • "Salesforce was rolled out internally this past year and Infor is commited to bring the same level of increased transparency where partners are involved.
  • "A microvertical partner program will provide more opportunities.
  • "Infor has also been quietly recruiting a new type of partnership they call "alliance partners." … These types of partners are best known for partnering at the high end of the market with the likes of SAP and Oracle. … So it is a major coup for Infor to have grown the number of these partnerships from one to 25 in a year."

Jutras' takeaways: "The consensus is that Infor management is actively listening, and when they listen, they take action and they produce results. … They understand the value of helping their partners grow their businesses."

Read "Infor Americas Partner Summit: A Definite Crispness in the Air" on Mint Jutras.

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