Business Insider: Charles Phillips Becoming
'Steve Jobs' of Business SoftwarePosted at - 04:30 PM on Mon, Sep 09, 2013

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BI: Charles Phillips Becoming 'Steve Jobs' of Business Software

"I'm a gadget guy. I’m an addict," Infor CEO Charles Phillips tells Business Insider in a new profile headlined "How Infor CEO Charles Phillips Is Quietly Becoming The 'Steve Jobs' Of Business Software."

After spending a day with Phillips at Infor’s New York City headquarters, reporter Julie Bort observes: "… hang with him for a while and you'll soon realize, besides being a CEO, a marine, a lawyer, an ex-Morgan Stanley Wall Street MBA, a computer programmer, and the former No. 2 guy to Larry Ellison at Oracle — deep down, he's really just a geek."

"Phillips was constantly surprising us," she writes:

  • "Most days, he just takes the subway."
  • "Like Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, Phillips always answers his own email."
  • "Another thing that surprised us was the company that Phillips keeps."

"Phillips is an art, music, fashion, and design-lover and he wanted his company's software to be beautiful," she writes. "Like Jobs, Phillips approved every detail of the redesign right down to the icons."

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