Economic Times: Infor ‘Here to
Disrupt Enterprise Tech Landscape’Posted at - 02:50 PM on Wed, Nov 06, 2013

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Economic Times: Infor ‘Here to <br>Disrupt Enterprise Tech Landscape’

Enterprises want freedom from SAP and Oracle, and Infor is here to deliver it, CEO Charles Phillips tells The Economic Times.

"Our mission is to disrupt and change the industry dramatically," Phillips tells reporter Lison Joseph in an interview with posted Nov. 6.

Infor is attacking customization and integration.

"We ask customers, 'Why would you let an integrator recommend something when you know he has 20,000 people trained in that product, and he has to recommend it if he wants to keep them busy for the next 10 years?' That whole business model doesn't make any sense. System integrators are biased as they have relationships in place. The pace of business is changing faster. You're stuck if you can only upgrade once every five years. You should be upgrading once every five weeks; that is why people are open to a new generation of companies," Phillips says.

Here are more excerpts:

"We have a different approach to selling software. We do well with the plant manager or head of nursing because they know what they need. … We always want to do a demo because the software looks great. … Now, two things are happening. One, you want more people within a company to have access to the data and the system. And two, you have a new generation of users who are used to using iPads and smartphones, who don't want to use these ugly applications."

"End users don't care which product it is, they just care which product works better. So as power shifts to end-users, CIOs, CEOs and CFOs are making more pragmatic, logical decisions on enterprise software. A lot of our competitors' customers have been locked in. So what they want is freedom."

"If anybody wants to move to the cloud, we will do it for them. We call that Upgrade X, so for $55,000 we will move anybody from whatever you're operating on to the latest version of our product. That is a way for customers to shift to an open architecture and we will do it for them so they are not burdened with the risk."

"We don't have to be in every enterprise. We'll take a portion of the market which is progressive and wants to do something different. We'll slice off the progressive share."

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